This year it is 20 years since the first Beaver Trap Trail was completed. Over time, the competition has developed into an established event in the sled dog world. Today, BTT, as the competition is called in everyday speech, consists of several competitions in both mid-distance and long-distance. We pride ourselves on maintaining a family atmosphere in which all dog breeds are welcome.

As much as it would be wonderful to celebrate our 20 years with a big party, we decided that it is most important to be able to celebrate. Given the continuous ups and downs of restrictions during the pandemic these past two years, we have decided to make some changes in the race to make sure that the race will go on and so will the celebration, even if the restrictions return. The changes reflect a care for all the BTT participants, the race officials, and the village of Norråker.

 Changes have been Approved by the National Association
The long-distance race (BTT 250 and 350) will be run as a “wilderness race”, which means that there will be changes to the checkpoint, mandatory rest and the handlers roll during the race. The decision has been approved by the Draghund Sports Association and the Judges and Rules Committee based on the situation regarding the pandemic. It has also been a wish of many competitors over the years to conduct the competition in this way. Our hope is that everyone will take responsibility and that everything works so this can be a permanent solution. BTT Classic and the tour class are not affected by the changes in the competition format but only by changes around the event, ie registration, veterinary inspection, etc.

Wilderness checkpoint
The Checkpoint for BTT 250 and 350 in Borgafjäll will be a wilderness checkpoint. This means that the musher will primarily manage the race on their own. There will be no help from handlers more than that they can leave and pick-up depot bags in the Depot area, receive dogs taken out of the competition. The musher must therefore always remain with the dog team at the checkpoint. Handlers may leave hot food to the drivers at the checkpoint.

Some support is available at the wilderness checkpoint in Borgafjäll.  There will be water and hay available. Straw that is taken out on the track must be taken back to the checkpoint upon return. If you want to use another type of warmth (i.e. wool) you need to bring it yourself. Veterinarians will be available, as well as race officials who can help lead the team. Competition management and judges will, as usual, will follow on the trails during the competition and be a big part of the checkpoint. 

No mandatory rest – but the dogs’ well-being goes first as usual
There will be no mandatory rest. The team is free to rest on the trail and thus reduce the number of people on CHP. A mandatory vet check lasting 10 minutes will take place after the second stage of the race at the Borgafjäll checkpoint. If the team is fully checked sooner than 10 minutes, the team will remain in place for the full 10 minutes, to ensure equality for all teams.

The race jury will give extra attention to the health of the dogs given that there is no mandatory rest.  Assessments of the dogs and teams health will be made in consultation with one of the race veterinarians based on the standard competition rules that already exist, with additional focus on the fact that it is not mandatory to rest. The competition jury, which includes the Race Director, Race judges and chosen participants from the competition, has the authority to order rest or, in the worst case, disqualify the musher if no rest is taken, or the team displays shortcomings based on the regulations.

Time equalization
Time equalization will take place at specific locations as indicated below. Time equalization makes it easier for the musher to have tactical planning during the competition and “first in goal is the winner”. 

  • For BTT250 time equalization will take place at checkpoint Borgafjäll during the first stage of the race
  • For BTT350 time equalization will take place in Saxnäs on the second stage of the race where a special place for time equalization will be set up and staffed.

Registration will take place at “Parken” which is the building directly next to the start. See map at A limited number of persons will be allowed inside the room at the same time. Make sure you have all the paperwork completed BEFORE arrival. All papers should be filled in, and in order, before check-in. There will be no place to fill in papers indoors. If you need to complete any of the forms, you will need to return to your car. Check-in will take place 2022-03-23 between 09.00 to 18.00.

Veterinary inspection
The Vet Check will be held 2022-03-23 from 09.30 – 18.30 and will take place in the parking lot at Parken. Officials will guide the mushers into a parking spot. There will be a loop to get in and out of the vet check area. If you are planning on staying at the starting area overnight, you will need to leave the vet check area and return after 18.30.

Award ceremony
The award ceremony will take place outdoors in the square in the middle of the village at about 15:30 on Saturday.

This year we will not have a banquet. The local caterers are still working to recover from the Pandemic and don’t have the conditions for delivering. HOWEVER….. we will have the facility “Parken” open and all are welcome to bring your own dinner and enjoy each others company. Bring with you a happy mood, your own food and stories to share. We will provide soda for purchase. 

If you have any questions, please contact rickard( a )