BTT classic is a mid-distance competition with two nights in a tent.

There are three stages totaling about 130 km. The BTT Classic is the “original competition” for BTT, and has been held every year since 2003. This competition is perfect for those who want to combine little competitive challenge, with socializing in nature with people and dogs.  After the daily race stage is completed, we spend time around the campfire enjoying the company of one another and the surrounding nature. On Friday evening we invite you to enjoy the classic “ during the afternoon and evening “Nikkalouktas soup” filled with good meat and vegetables to keep us warm.


You can choose to participate in one of the following classes:

  •  open (limited to 12)
  •  8-dog team
  •  6-dog team
  • Pulka
  • Unlimited
  • Tour class This is perfect for those of you who don’t want to compete. You decide the number of dogs and if you run all three days following the race course or if you take a rest day on day 2 or following an alternative path. 

The Campsite

The campsite is 20 kilometers from the nearest road and 42 km från the start in Norråker, in a nature reservoir. You will need to plan to have all your gear and food with you. We will be at the same campsite both nights and there you will have access to water and an outdoor toilet. On day two of the race you are permitted to travel with a lighter sled with a minimum of the safety equipment requirements (see mandatory equipment list). 

The Volunteers are not able to transport and equipment for participants so plan your packing carefully so that you will have enough for all three days for both you and your dogs and you will be able to transport it all yourself. This includes any injured dog that you may need to take back in a sledbag.  

Trail Description

Day 1 is approximately 42 km on a snowmobile trail from Norråker to Saxvattnet. Mixed terrain with marshes, forests and some mountainous surroundings. Fairly easy driving with a moderate incline.

Day 2 is approximately 50 km with a little more climbing and more mountainous environment. This stage is a bit more demanding physically and technically. The trail is round-trip with start and finish at the Saxvattnet Campsite. 

Day 3 is approxiately 45 km back to Norråker following portions of the second day stage with a final stretch on the snowmobile trail to the finish line in Norråker.  

BTT Classic gps file

Rules and Mandatory Equipment

IFSS  rules and signs along the trails apply for all competing classes (not tour class). Additional rules may be added for BTT specifically. All race drivers are responsible for having the mandatory equipment with you at all times. 

  • mountain terrain map: Z2
  • Magnetic compass 
  • Ax or large knife, (min. 20 cm blade)
  • Snow shovel
  • Winter sleeping bag
  • Tent and wind-bag note: if you plan to live in a tent at the campsite you must bring your own
  • First aid kit to both musher and dogs
  • Headlamp
  • 4 socks/dog
  • Emergency ration of food for the dogs (0,5 kg per dog in the team should be present in the sled at the finish line. This food should be packed separately and arrive unopened in your sledbag at the finish line no matter how many dogs you have taken out of your team during the race.
  • The driver must have food for himself for a minimum of one day extra, carried in the sled over the finish line. 
  • The possibility to warm water for all dogs
  • Water boiler/outdoor stove
  • 2 snow anchors (sled class) 1 snow anchor pulka

Program BTT 2022 (adjustments may occur)


Check in
9: 00-16: 00, registration opens for check-in
Registration will take place at “Parken” which is the building directly next to the start. See map at A limited number of persons will be allowed inside the room at the same time. Make sure you have all the paperwork completed BEFORE arrival. All papers should be filled in, and in order, before check-in. There will be no place to fill in papers indoors. If you need to complete any of the forms, you will need to return to your car.
You must have with you a completed chip list, vaccination cards for each of the dogs, Licence and Green card. Foreign drivers must be able to show valid insurance.

veterinary check
The Vet Check will be held 2022-03-23 from 09.30 – 16.30 and will take place in the parking lot at Parken. Officials will guide the mushers into a parking spot. There will be a loop to get in and out of the vet check area. If you are planning on staying at the starting area overnight, you will need to leave the vet check area and return after 18.30.

Opening Ceremony
18:00 Town square


BTT Tour Class – START
From 07: 00-09: 00 before the race teams and from 12:00 to 14:00 after the race team start

Musher meeting
A short briefing at 09:00 at the start area

BTT Classic – START
10:00 – Pulka
11:00 – Sled
Location: Starting area

Musher meeting (results from day one and instructions for day 2)
19:00 at campfire


START from Saxvattnet campsite
Location: Saxvattnet

Musher meeting (results from day 2 and instructions for day 3)
19:00 at campfire


START from the Saxvattnet
Location: Saxvattnet

Finish in Norråker no later than 15:00

Award ceremony
The award ceremony will take place outdoors in the square in the middle of the village at about 15:30 on Saturday.

This year we will not have a banquet. The local caterers are still working to recover from the Pandemic and don’t have the conditions for delivering. HOWEVER….. we will have the facility “Parken” open and all are welcome to bring your own dinner and enjoy each others company. Bring with you a happy mood, your own food and stories to share. We will provide drinks for purchase. 

Registration and Payment

Register here: Open 2021-10-01

If you have a gift card or other “prepaid” form please send an email to rickard (a) with registration details.

Starting fee: 800 SEK (Tour class 300 SEK)

Until the 22/2 2022 the registration fee will be refunded with a deduction of 300 SEK upon cancellation. After 22/2 2022 no start-up fees will be refunded except upon presentation of medical note, in which case 50% of the fee will be refunded.
For questions, please contact us at info(a)