About Beaver Trap Trail

About the Beaver Trap Trail

BTT is a long-distance race with start and finish in Norråker, and checkpoints in Borgafjäll. There are three different distances and five different classes. BTT 350 (12-steam), BTT 250 (8-steam), BTT 170 (8-steam, 6-steam for juniors) and BTT 170 Pulka/Nordic (4-steam)

The competition is qualifying for the Finnmark race FL-500 and Femund 400

To be allowed to start in BTT, you must be 18 years old during the current year, have a valid competition license and the dogs must be vaccinated and chipped. You must have a handler who can take care of dropped dogs, supervise dogs if the handler is not there and clean up at the checkpoint. For Swedish drivers, the Green Card requirement also applies.

The competition is run at your own risk.

To be allowed to start in BTT Junior, you must be 15 years old at the latest on the start day and be a maximum of 18 years old at the start of the competition. For juniors, written permission from the guardian applies where the guardian takes responsibility for the driver being allowed to complete the competition and that the driver has the experience/competence to complete the distance in mountain conditions.

Otherwise, the Swedish Sled Dog Sports Association refers to the Norwegian regulations. They have also referred to the Swedish supplementary rules for LD6J and MD6J. At present, it is not entirely clear what applies, so the rules may be updated.

Prize money

For BTT 350 and BTT 250 we have prize money for the overall winner regardless of group (A, B, C).

1st prize: SEK 10,000

2nd prize: SEK 7,000

3rd prize: Entry fee for next year’s competition

The structure of the competition

Classes :

BTT 350 ULD 12-span, start Thursday 21 March 15:00 with estimated finish early morning Saturday 23 March.

BTT 250 LLD 8-span, start Thursday 21 March 18:00 with estimated finish from Friday night to Saturday

BTT 170 LMD 8-span (junior 6-span), start times will be updated later.

BTT 170 Sledge long UMD 4-span, start times will be updated later.

Track description

Start and finish in Norråker. The tracks will be varied with forest and mountain terrain, we use existing snowmobile trails as much as possible.

Stages, mandatory rest and rep times

The trail is quite demanding with climbs and open mountain terrain (350 and 250). We may use “rope times” for passing checkpoints and targets as below for security and logistical reasons.

Stages BTT 350:

Stage 1 “Klass Foder” (Norråker – Borgafjäll chp 1): approx. 89 km Stage 2 (Borgafjäll chp 1 – Borgafjäll chp 2): approx. 117 km Stage 3 “Taiga” (Borgafjäll chp 2 – Borgafjäll chp 3): approx. 61 km Stage 4 “Vildmannens Drag”  (Borgafjäll chp 3 – Norråker): approx. 78 km

Stages BTT 250:

Stage 1 “Klass Foder” (Norråker – Borgafjäll chp 1): approx. 89 km Stage 2 “Taiga” (Borgafjäll chp 1 – Borgafjäll chp 2): approx. 61 km Stage 3 “Vildmannens Drag” (Borgafjäll chp 2 – Norråker): approx. 78 km

Stages BTT 170:

Stage 1 “Klass Foder” (Norråker – Saxvattnet chp 1) approx. 48 km Stage 2 “Taiga” (Saxvattnet chp 1 – Borgafjäll) approx. 38 km Stage 3 (Borgafjäll – Saxvatnet chp 2) approx. 38 km Stage 4 “Vildmannens Drag” Saxvatnet chp 2 – Norråker) about 52 km


Checkpoint Saxvattnet: is a Vildmarks CHP for BTT 170, there is access to water and officials. If you want straw/hay for your dogs, you can transport it with you on the sled from the start or CHP Borgafjäll.

Checkpoint Borgafjäll: Here there is access to water and straw, officials are available around the clock. There are military tents set up for the competitors to rest in if necessary. Here it is possible to fill the sled with equipment via the depot box where handlers leave depot bags. Dog drop also occurs at this CHP.

Mandatory rest: 6 hours mandatory rest. Rest time is taken freely at CHP in Borgafjäll for BTT350 and 250, BTT 170 takes the entire rest at CHP Borgafjäll

Time equalization: Time equalization will take place at specific locations as described below. We still want “first to finish is the winner”, and the equalization of time makes it easier to have tactical planning of your race.

For BTT350 and 250 in checkpoint Borgafjäll at the first pass. BTT 170 at the rest in Borgafjäll on CHP 2

Any Rep times will be announced at the driver’s meeting.

GPS files: (NOTE physical map is mandatory)


Map of Norråker

Map of Borgafjäll

Rules and equipment

Rules IFSS regulations apply to all classes with supplementary BTT170_250_350 in addition to IFSS

Chip list.

Mandatory equipment

  • Mountain map
  • Z2 Veterinary handbook (issued upon registration)
  • Magnetic compass with adjustable compass housing
  • Ax or large knife, min 20 cm
  • Spade
  • Sleeping bag for extreme winter conditions.
  • Lined wind sack
  • First aid for dogs and people
  • Extra clothes (jacket, trousers, socks, shoes)
  • Headlamp
  • 8 socks/dog including those that are in use
  • 2 light sticks with a minimum of 6 hours of light. To be carried on the body, not in the sled!
  • Emergency ration for the dogs, half a kilo of feed per dog in the team at the start. This food must be packed separately,
  • ll goal unopened regardless of how many dogs were taken out during the competition.
  • The driver must have food for himself for at least one day and be taken across the finish line.
  • Kettle/Dog kitchen with container for at least 0.5 l / dog
  • Two (2) anchors

Program BTT 2024 (Adjustments may come)

Wednesday 20/3

09:00-16:00, Secretariat open for check-in
Location: Parken (House at the Start. see map) Bring completed chip list, vaccination card, License and Green card. Foreign drivers must be able to show a valid insurance policy.

Veterinary inspection
Location: The car park at the start area (See  map)
Inspection according to the designated time at check-in.
A form with the dogs’ chip number is provided in connection with the veterinary inspection.

Opening ceremony
18:00 The square in the middle of the village

Thursday 21/3

Driver meeting
Digital before the competition – read through the documents before the competition
Brief check-in at 1:30 pm at the start area.

Location: Starting area

Saturday 23/3

Finish from midnight to last finish no later than 18:00

Banquet and award ceremony:

Official award ceremony is held in the square at 15:30. Distribution of special prizes and drawing of prize tables takes place during the musher dinner at the park at 19:00

Registration and payment

Register here:

If you have a gift card or other “prepaid” email to beavertraptrail.swe(a)gmail.com with registration information. IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to indicate which DRIVER the payment is for.

If you have problems with registration/payment:
contact beavertraptrail.swe(a)gmail.com

Entry Fees:

BTT 350: SEK 5,000

BTT 250: SEK 4,000

BTT 170: SEK 3,500

BTT 170 Junior: SEK 2,000

Until 18/2, the registration fee will be refunded with a deduction of SEK 500 upon cancellation. After 18/2, no entry fees will be refunded except upon presentation of a medical certificate, in which case 50% will be refunded

Changing drivers or changing classes costs SEK 300

Last date for registration 2024-03-17

Waiting list and Refund

Guidelines for a possible waiting list:
In total, we have a preliminary 50 places to be distributed equally in the different distances according to the number of entries.

For more than 50 registered teams, the driver is offered to register on the waiting list in order of registration. Contact is made directly to the driver in case of rebid and the driver must respond within 48 hours until March 18 and within 24 hours after March 18. If no answer is received within the specified time frame, the ride and the question go to the next driver on the waiting list. Information about a place on the waiting list can be obtained by contacting beavertraptrail.swe(a)gmail.com

In the case of more than 50 registered teams, it is the date on the payment receipt that determines who will be on the start list, so as not to disadvantage foreign drivers. In the event that several drivers have paid on the same date, the last places will be drawn. Reimbursement is made to the drivers who do not make the start list without the deduction of SEK 500. If this occurs, contact is made directly with the driver(s) concerned.

For more information or questions contact: