BTT 170 (Junior) is a long / middle-distance sleddog race for junior drivers and senior drivers (18+ what is the definition?), with start and finish in Norråker, and checkpoints in Borgafjäll. For juniors there is also checkpoint opportunity in Saxvattnet.

To start in BTT Junior you must be at least 15 years old during the competition year and no older than 18 years at the start of the competition. Drivers need a valid competition license and all dogs must be vaccinated and chip-marked. You must have an adult dog handler who can take care of any dropped dogs, keep and eye your dogs when you take a break at the checkpoint, and is responsible for cleaning up after your team at the checkpoint. Written permission from an adult guardian is required verifying the junior competitor is fit to compete and has the necessary knowledge and experience to complete the dogsled race in the mountainous conditions.  

Swedish drivers, are required to have a valid for Green card.

Additional information is available at Svenska draghundsportsförbundet to the Norwegian rules and regulations, in which reference is made to the Swedish rules for LD6J and MD6J. At the moment it is not clear which rules apply so updates are anticipated. 

Rookie Gathering

A Rookie gathering will be made possible in Norråker for junior drivers several weeks before the competition. More information will come at a later date. 

Drivers compete at their own risk. 


Mandatory equipment

IFSS  rules and signs along the trails apply for all competing classes with additional rules for BTT 250/350 specifically. All race drivers are responsible for having the mandatory equipment with you at all times.  Rules for BTT 350/250

  • mountain terrain map: Z2
  • Veterinary handbook (pick-up at registration)
  • Magnetic compass 
  • Ax or large knife, (min. 20 cm blade)
  • Snow shovel
  • Sleeping bag for extreme winter conditions
  • Lined bivy-bag or tent and winter sleeping bag
  • First aid kit to both dogs and driver (musher)
  • Extra clothes (jacket, pants, socks, shoes)
  • Headlamp
  • 8 socks per dog in the team including the ones in use at the start
  • 2 emergency light flare candles with a minimum of 6 hours of light. To be kept on the body, not in the sled!
  • Emergency ration of dogfood equivalent to 0,5 kg per dog, packed separately. The food should be in the sled from the start and carried unopened over finish line ,no matter how many dogs you have taken out of your team during the race.
  • The driver must have food for himself for a minimum of one day extra, carried in the sled over the finish line. 
  • Water boiler/ dog cooker with a container for at least 0.5 l / dog (350)
  • Possibility to heat water to all dogs
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Wire or chain to link dogs left at the checkpoint  (min 40 cm)
  • 2 snow anchors

Registration and Payment

Register here: Open 2021-10-01

If you have a gift certificate or other “pre-paid” solutions. Send an e-mail to rickard( a ) with the information needed for registration. IMPORTANT, do not forget to send the drivers name.
Starting fee: 1 500 SEK

Until the 22/2 2022 the registration fee will be refunded with a deduction of 300 SEK upon cancellation. After 22/2 2022 no start-up fees will be refunded except upon presentation of medical note, in which case 75% of the fee will be refunded

Change of driver or change of class will be charged 300 kr.

Last day to register is 2022-03-21