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Now the race is done, and result list published. Now some rest for our furry heros to next year!

Registration and vet.check are on the roll! If you are sitting at home and would like to follow the race. Check out the Racetracker.

All muschers, a friendly reminder before the race: – Check out the musher meeting presentation – Read the PM for BTT 2022 – Look at the Rules addition BTT for long distans – Prepare the chiplist – Download the gps-file for 350 or 250 You’ll find all of the files by this link: Revisit the information about the changes of the race at the website:

This year it is 20 years since the first Beaver Trap Trail was completed. Over time, the competition has developed into an established event in the sled dog world. Today, BTT, as the competition is called in everyday speech, consists of several competitions in both mid-distance and long-distance. We pride ourselves on maintaining a family atmosphere in which all dog breeds are welcome. As much as it would be wonderful to celebrate our 20 years with a big party, we decided that it is most important to be able to celebrate. Given the continuous ups and downs of restrictions during the pandemic these past two years, we have decided to make some changes in the race to make sure that the race will go on and so will the celebration, even if the restrictions return. The changes reflect a care for all the BTT participants, the race officials, and the…

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We have reached our limit for participants for the long distance race BTT350 and BTT250. For BTTClassic there is still space. No limits there… If you still would like to have a chance to join you may send an e-mail to and you will be in out “waiting line”. We mark the date and time when the e-mail is received as you queue number. If there is a spot available we will contact the person in line and ask if they will join. Then the starting fee should be payed. NOTE do not pay anything until you are asked to do so when you are waiting for a spot.

Registration and payment will open first of October. But already you may go there and see who stayed on the list from last years attempt of the race.Go there right now and check it out

The planing for BTT 2022 has begun. After two years of waiting we will have the race in 2022. The race dates are March 24 through 26. BTT 350 and BTT 250 will ha status of Swedish Championship.  There is a lot to do and update before the race. The information on this web will be updated during the fall. We will make some “corona-changes” to make it as safe as possible. Please follow us on Facebook and check the web for updates. We hope to meet you in March!

It is with deep sadness that Beaver Trap Trail 2020 and the Swedish Championship in long distance dogsleddning is cancelled due to the spread of the corona virus. The decision has been made in partnership with the Swedish Sleddog Association as part of the national and international efforts to address the spread of the virus.  Finnmarks race has officially stopped the FL1200. Since many of the mushers who planned to join BTT have also been in Finmark we believe the decision to cancel BTT is most appropriate.   The BTT planning team will provide you with more details regarding reimbursement of your starting fees shortly. We are deeply sorry for the the inconvenience that this decision causes you, as we know many of you have already travelled to Sweden. At the same we hope that you will join us next year!  We would also like to thank our sponsors, partners, and…

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Time to register for BTT 2020! Follow the link below to register your team for BTT 2020! See you there! See you in March!

Norråkers IF (NIF) invites to Beaver Trap Trail 2020!!!! Registration will open 1:st of november.   Long distance hav Swedish Championship this year too. BTT-Classic is on as alwas as the mid distance competition and tour.   We are updating the website at the moment, but most of the information is already correct.   Welcom to Norråker and Beaver Trap Trail 2020