Blog–_hinFcsdoUpEli7FlwyqnW8R6KvWbDPKXLH4/prefill Lasagna with salad and bread. incl meal drink, coffee and cake SEK 295 Registration form for musher dinner.   NOTE! Last day to registrate 2024-03-17  

  Update regarding rule change! Due to the fact that we received signals of concern regarding the reindeer husbandry in the area of the competition from, among others, Strömsund Municipality, we judged that this change was needed to strengthen the safety around our dogs and thus our possibilities of being able to continue organizing the Beaver Trap Trail in the future as well. The organization takes the issue and concerns seriously, given that historically we have not had any conflicts with interested parties. What we really want to strengthen is that the dogs lie on wire line during rest at the checkpoint or the tracks, but since the majority of teams rest their dogs on the neck lines, it was natural to set the requirement for wire neckline. For the lead dogs, they can use their normal leadneckline but need to have a resting place with a wire! For the…

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In 2024 we will do a test to open up 170 km for all participants. There will be tree classes 8-span and nordic stile alongside the junior class (6-span). More information will come continuously as we update the website.

On November 14, registration opens for BTT 2023!

Now the race is done, and result list published. Now some rest for our furry heros to next year!

Registration and vet.check are on the roll! If you are sitting at home and would like to follow the race. Check out the Racetracker.

All muschers, a friendly reminder before the race: – Check out the musher meeting presentation – Read the PM for BTT 2022 – Look at the Rules addition BTT for long distans – Prepare the chiplist – Download the gps-file for 350 or 250 You’ll find all of the files by this link: Revisit the information about the changes of the race at the website:

This year it is 20 years since the first Beaver Trap Trail was completed. Over time, the competition has developed into an established event in the sled dog world. Today, BTT, as the competition is called in everyday speech, consists of several competitions in both mid-distance and long-distance. We pride ourselves on maintaining a family atmosphere in which all dog breeds are welcome. As much as it would be wonderful to celebrate our 20 years with a big party, we decided that it is most important to be able to celebrate. Given the continuous ups and downs of restrictions during the pandemic these past two years, we have decided to make some changes in the race to make sure that the race will go on and so will the celebration, even if the restrictions return. The changes reflect a care for all the BTT participants, the race officials, and the…

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We have reached our limit for participants for the long distance race BTT350 and BTT250. For BTTClassic there is still space. No limits there… If you still would like to have a chance to join you may send an e-mail to and you will be in out “waiting line”. We mark the date and time when the e-mail is received as you queue number. If there is a spot available we will contact the person in line and ask if they will join. Then the starting fee should be payed. NOTE do not pay anything until you are asked to do so when you are waiting for a spot.

Registration and payment will open first of October. But already you may go there and see who stayed on the list from last years attempt of the race.Go there right now and check it out