About BTT 350 – Sweden’s toughest long distance dogsled race

BTT 350 is a long distance competition with start and finish in Norråker, and checkpoints in Borgafjäll.

The competition is qualifying for Finnmarksløpet FL-500 and Femund 400

To participate, you must be at least 18 years the year of the competition, have a valid competition license and the dogs must be vaccinated and have a chipID. You must have a dog-handler (caretaker) who can take care of dropped dogs, keep an eye on dogs if the musher is not at the sled and clean up at checkpoints after the team has left.

Swedish drivers, are required to have a valid for Green card.

The maximum number of participating teams is 40 distributed among the different long distance competitions.

Drivers compete at your own risk

Prize money

Prize money will be given to the over alla winner in the long-distance teams (combined group A, B, C)

1:a priz: 10 000 kr
2:a priz: 7 000 kr
3:e priz: Starting fee for next year’s competition

The competition

The start will take place in Norråker on Thursday with an expected finish on Friday or Saturday. The trails vary in terrain, including forest and mountain terrain. Existing snowmobile trails are used as much as possible.  

Classes: Open class limited to 12 dogs.

Stages, mandatory rest and closing time

The course is quite demanding with slopes and open mountain terrain. Each checkpoint has a closing time for security and logistical reasons.

  • Stage 1 Klass Foder (Norråker – Borgafjäll chp 1): about 89 km
  • Stage 2 (Borgafjäll chp 1 – Borgafjäll chp 2): about 117 km
  • Stage 3 Taiga (Borgafjäll chp 2 – Borgafjäll chp 3): about 61 km
  • Stage 4 Vildmannens Drag (Borgafjäll chp 3 – Norråker): Today about 78 km

Mandatory rest:

6 hours mandatory rest. Collected at CHP 1,2 and 3 in Borgafjäll.

Time equalization
Time equalization will take place at specific locations as indicated below. Time equalization makes it easier for the musher to have tactical planning during the competition and “first in goal is the winner”. 

  • For BTT350 time equalization will take place in CHP 1.

The closing times for each of the checkpoints will be announced at the Musher meeting.The time is calculated based on an average speed of 9 km / h and compulsory rest time

GPS files: (Note physical map is required) BTT350

Dog Drop

It is possible to leave dogs with your Handler at the checkpoint in Borgafjäll. However, It is NOT possible to leave dogs at Saxvattnet (where the BTT classic takes place), since there is no checkpoint for the long distance competition. 

Trail Description

Stage 1 ”The Klass Foder Stage”. The start takes place in Norråker heading towards Borgafjäll. The first 10 km of this stage take place on the ski trails around the village, continuing up on the snowmobile trail to Borgafjäll. After approximately 30 km, you will cross an unattended dirt road; be on the look out for cars. Approximately 20 km further you will pass the Saxvattnet campsite for the BTT Classic (about 50 km from start). The remaining portion of the trail to CP1 follows a logging forest road before connecting to the trail between Risbäck and Borgafjäll via Oxvattnet. The CP1 is adjacent to Borgafjäll Snowcamp (Idet) just by the roadside.

Stage 2  starts in Borgafjäll and follows Korpåleden in a NW direction from Borgafjäll towards Slipsikstugan. This part of the trail is perhaps the toughest with slopes up and down the mountain-side. After the Slipsiken cabin at the top, the trail travels north towards Klimpfjäll. It passes Klimpfjäll before it turns up on the mountain in the eastern direction towards Gitssjön via Saxnäs and then turns west towards Borgafjäll and CP2

Stage 3 “Taiga”  returns back up the mountain northwards towards Saxnäs, turning off towards Gitssjön (same track as Stage 2) and back to Borgafjäll and CP3.

Stage 4 “The Vildmannens Drag Stage”leads you back towards Norråker the same way as Stage 1, with an additional 20 km  loop on the edge of Bastunäsfjället, returning back to the snowmobile trail toward Norråker. this stage is largely shared with BTT Classic Day 3.

Map of Norråker
Map of Borgafjäll

Rules and Mandatory Equipment

IFSS  rules and signs along the trails apply for all competing classes with additional rules for BTT 250/350 specifically. All race drivers are responsible for having the mandatory equipment with you at all times.  Rules for BTT 350/250

  • mountain terrain map: Z2
  • Veterinary handbook (pick-up at registration)
  • Magnetic compass 
  • Ax or large knife, (min. 20 cm blade)
  • Snow shovel
  • Sleeping bag for extreme winter conditions
  • Lined bivy-bag or tent and winter sleeping bag
  • First aid kit to both dogs and driver (musher)
  • Extra clothes (jacket, pants, socks, shoes)
  • Headlamp
  • 8 socks per dog in the team including the ones in use at the start
  • 2 emergency light flare candles with a minimum of 6 hours of light. To be kept on the body, not in the sled!
  • Emergency ration of dogfood equivalent to 0,5 kg per dog, packed separately. The food should be in the sled from the start and carried unopened over finish line ,no matter how many dogs you have taken out of your team during the race.
  • The driver must have food for himself for a minimum of one day extra, carried in the sled over the finish line. 
  • Water boiler/ dog cooker with a container for at least 0.5 l / dog (350)
  • Possibility to heat water to all dogs
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • 2 snow anchors 

Program 2023 (changes may come)


Check in
9: 00-16: 00, registration opens for check-in
Registration will take place at “Parken” which is the building directly next to the start. See map at www.beavertraptrail.se. Make sure you have all the paperwork completed BEFORE arrival. All papers should be filled in, and in order, before check-in. There will be no place to fill in papers indoors. If you need to complete any of the forms, you will need to return to your car.
You must have with you a completed chip list, vaccination cards for each of the dogs, Licence and Green card. Foreign drivers must be able to show valid insurance.

veterinary check
The Vet Check will be held 2023-03-22 from 09.30 – 16.30 and will take place in the parking lot at Parken. Officials will guide the mushers into a parking spot. There will be a loop to get in and out of the vet check area. If you are planning on staying at the starting area overnight, you will need to leave the vet check area and return after 18.30.

Opening ceremony
18:00 Town square


Musher meeting BTT 350
Digital before the meeting. Read material here.
A short briefing at 13:30 at the start area.

Location: Start Area


Finish in Norråker from Midnight to at the latest 18:00

Banquet and award ceremony 19:00 at the Park. 

This year we will have an award ceremony in connection with the banquet as usual.

Registration and Payment

Register here: Open 2022-11-14

If you have a gift certificate or other “pre-paid” solutions. Send an e-mail to rickard(a)beavertraptrail.se with the information needed for registration. IMPORTANT, do not forget to send the drivers name.

Starting fee: 4 000 SEK 12-dog team

Until the 19/2 2023 the registration fee will be refunded with a deduction of 300 SEK upon cancellation. After 20/2 2023 no start-up fees will be refunded except upon presentation of medical note, in which case 50% of the fee will be refunded

Change of driver or change of class will be charged 300 kr.

Last day to register is 2023-03-19

Waiting List and Refund

Guidelines for the waiting list:
We have a total of 40 teams for BTT350 and BTT250. Split 50/50. I.e. 20 teams for BTT350 and 20 teams for BTT250. If one class is not full we may fill up with teams from the other. The total can not be more then 40 teams.

If more than 40 teams apply for the race, a waiting list will start. Placement on the waiting list is based on the date of receipt for the starting fee. If more than one person has paid on the same day (according to bank receipt) a lottery system will determine the order of the drivers on the waiting list. Refunds will be made without a 500 kr deduction to drivers who do not make it to the starting list. In such an event the Race administration will contact the applicant. 

Should a team drop from the original list, the first person on the waiting list will be contacted by the Race team and offered a spot in the race. The contacted person will have up to 48 hours to respond (prior to 21 march and 24 hours to respond after 21 march) after which time the offer will go to the next person on the list. 

More Information about the waiting list can be obtained from contacting info(a)beavertraptrail.se